Amorphous & Nanocrystalline Cores

The company is a leading manufacturer of high-performance noncrystalline and nanocrystalline alloy and components thereof. Its products are widely applied to power electronics, new energy, aerospace and aviation, information, communication, etc. Its high-performance nanocrystalline ultrathin stri...[More]

Amorphous C-Core

Amorphous C-Cores AFCC Series Applications: + Applied to solar inverters, wind power inverters + Output filter or inductor cores in high frequency large power supplies + Transformer cores in switch mode power supplies Characteristics: + High saturate induction - Reducing core volume ...[More]

Amorphous Block Core

Amorphous Block Splice Core - AFBC Series Applications:High-power (especial more than 50KW) reactors of solar or wind inverters. AFBC Core Dimension: Cores with other specifications can be provided concerning to customer's demand. ...[More]

Current Transformer Core

Current Transformers Core Applications: + Solid Current Transformer Cores + Split Current Transformer Cores + Residual Current Circuit Breaker(RCCB) Cores Characteristics: + High permeability + Low core loss - Low temperature rise + Good Temperature stability Properties: ...[More]

Common Mode Choke Core

Nanocrystalline Common Mode Choke Cores Applications: + EMI common mode filtering + Telecom and data communications interface transformations + High accuracy current transformers / pulse transformers + Ground fault protection devices Characteristics: + High permeability -Reducing th...[More]