Amorphous & Nanocrystalline Cores

The company is a leading manufacturer of high-performance noncrystalline and nanocrystalline alloy and components thereof. Its products are widely applied to power electronics, new energy, aerospace and aviation, information, communication, etc. Its high-performance nanocrystalline ultrathin stri...[More]

Amorphous C-Core

Amorphous C-Cores AFCC Series Applications: + Applied to solar inverters, wind power inverters + Output filter or inductor cores in high frequency large power supplies + Transformer cores in switch mode power supplies Characteristics: + High saturate induction - Reducing core volume ...[More]

Amorphous Block Core

Amorphous Block Splice Core - AFBC Series Applications:High-power (especial more than 50KW) reactors of solar or wind inverters. AFBC Core Dimension: Cores with other specifications can be provided concerning to customer's demand. ...[More]

Current Transformer Core

Current Transformers Core Applications: + Solid Current Transformer Cores + Split Current Transformer Cores + Residual Current Circuit Breaker(RCCB) Cores Characteristics: + High permeability + Low core loss - Low temperature rise + Good Temperature stability Properties: ...[More]

Common Mode Choke Core

Nanocrystalline Common Mode Choke Cores Applications: + EMI common mode filtering + Telecom and data communications interface transformations + High accuracy current transformers / pulse transformers + Ground fault protection devices Characteristics: + High permeability -Reducing th...[More]

Nickel Alloy Core

Materials: The Ferro-nickel (permalloy) is a soft magnetic material which is composed of different proportion Ni and Mo doped in the iron alloy. The high saturation magnetic induction and high permeability ferro-nickel core made by the ferro-nickel 1J79, 1J85, 1J50 etc. Appli...[More]

Toroidal core

Characteristic: toroidal core without cut is toroidal and wounded in the same direction of closed flux path, its magnetic performance is the best of all with less magnetic leakage. It's is easy and high efficient to be wound by using toroidal winding machine. Application: Current tran...[More]