Amorphous C-Core


Amorphous C-Cores AFCC Series
+ Applied to solar inverters, wind power inverters
+ Output filter or inductor cores in high frequency large power supplies
+ Transformer cores in switch mode power supplies
+ High saturate induction - Reducing core volume
+ Rectangular form - Easy to mount coils
+ With air gap - Excellent anti-bias current ability
+ Low core loss - Low temperature rise
+ Good temperature stability

Saturate induction  1.56T  Hardness Hv  960kg/mm2 
Curie Temperature  410°C  Density  7.18g/cm3 
Crystallization Temperature  550°C  Resistivity  130mW-cm 
Saturate magnetostriction  27´10-6    
C-Core Dimention: 
All the data listed in this catalogue are got from optimum-annealed samples. When these ribbons are made into cores, there may be some variation of the properties according to processing technique. All the data here are only for references, but not for guaranty of any order.
Cores with other specifications can be provided concerning to customer’s demand.