Nickel Alloy Core

The Ferro-nickel (permalloy) is a soft magnetic material which is composed of different proportion  Ni and Mo doped in the iron alloy. 
The high saturation magnetic induction and high permeability ferro-nickel core made by the ferro-nickel  1J79, 1J85, 1J50 etc.
+ Current transformer core
+ Intermediate frequency transformer core
+ Switched mode power supply transformer core
+ Pulse transformer, saturation resistor, AC/DC transformer core
+ High saturation magnetic induction and High permeability
+ Low coercive force &magnetic loss
+ Excellent stability


Note: The YB/T5251-93 in the above table is measured in DC state magnetic properties, the performance of the 50Hz/ AC test is  based on the actual use of the user needs.

Ring Core Dimension: 

* The dimensions of OD and HT is defined as Max. ID is defined as Min.
* Cores with other specifications can be provided concerning to customer demand.